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Real Name: Tiboro

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Sixth Dimension) Sorcerer

Occupation: Ruler of the Sixth Dimension; would-be conqueror

Group Membership: Lords of the Netherworlds (Aggamon, others unnamed)

Affiliations: Associates of Dormammu, R. B. Wallace (former conduit), Circle of Decay (Tim Alpert, and several others, former pawns); briefly allied with Clea

Enemies: Baron Mordo (Karl Mordo), Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Clea, Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange), Dormammu, Hellstorm and his Demon-Steeds, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Umar;
former prisoners Dr. Green and Professor Schuyler (hosts of The Twelfth Hour), Ms. America (America Chavez), Sons of Satannish and many other unidentified prisoners

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Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Spirit of Decay, Tyrant of the Sixth Dimension

Base of Operations: The Sixth Dimension; formerly Peru and other parts of South America on Earth; The Circle of Decay used a place called «The Club» as its headquarters.

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#129/2 (February, 1965)

Powers/Abilities: Tiboro is a powerful sorcerer, although his might is somewhat dependent on his wand. He can open portals to his realm through other dimensions. Within his own realm, he can animate the ambient matter to create monstrous servants to attack his foes and increase his size to several hundred feet. He can project devastating bursts of magical energy from his wand. He could generate disks on which he could float or fly at great speed. He could interact with the Earth dimension via the Screaming Idol; through it he could grant power and influence others. In addition, he could increase his own power by siphoning off the ego and will of his followers. He has some physical power, possibly enhanced human strength or greater.

Height: 6’4″
Weight: 230 lbs.
Eyes: Light green
Hair: Unrevealed

History: Tiboro represents the concept of decay. It is uncertain if he originated on Earth, or if he came from another dimension. His power and influence apparently grow in times of decadence, at which point he seeks to takeover Earth (or other realms in similar situations).

(Strange Tales I#129/2 (fb)) — Many ages ago, before the coming of modern man, Tiboro ruled a tribe in South America. His rule grew quite large, and Tiboro was rumored to have ruled Earth at some point. Under unknown circumstances, he was banished from Earth (presumably to the Sixth Dimension), and the civilization dissolved. He left behind the Screaming Idol, which was buried under the ruins of his former civilization.

(Strange Tales I#129/2) — The Screaming Idol was unearthed and brought to America. The hosts of a television show, The Twelfth Hour, ridiculed the reputed power of the Idol, but suddenly vanished from. The show’s director contacted Dr. Strange, who, after consulting with the Ancient One, determined Tiboro to be the source. Dr. Strange journeyed to the Sixth Dimension and battled Tiboro. They even briefly put down weapons (Tiboro, his wand, and Dr. Strange, his Cloak) to duke it out man-to-man. Dr. Strange cheated, calling on the power of the Vishanti to cause Tiboro’s fists to miss him. When they ultimately pitted their full powers against each other, Dr. Strange proved to be the victor. Tiboro surrendered and released the people he had captured, but he vowed to be back if there would be further decay of Earth’s civilizations.

(Strange Tales I#140/2-141/2) — Tiboro was one of the «Lords of the Netherworlds,» summoned to the Dark Dimension by Dormammu to observe his battle against Dr. Strange (as later revealed in Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual#2/5). The Lords were returned to their respective realms after Dormammu’s defeat at Strange’s hands.

(Doctor Strange I#177 — 178) — The Sons of Satannish were banished to the Sixth Dimension by their former leader, Asmodeus II (Dr. Charles Benton). Dr. Strange required these men in order to reverse the spell of Fire and Ice (another act of Benton). Strange recruited the Black Knight to aid him, and again journeyed to the Sixth Dimension. Tiboro’s power had grown significantly, and even the combined force of the two heroes was barely enough to stand against him. However, the Black Knight succeeded in destroying Tiboro’s wand with the Ebony Blade, which caused the bulk of his powers to vanish. Again, Tiboro was forced to surrender and allow Strange to return his prisoners to Earth.

(Ghost Rider II#26 — BTS) — Dr. Druid wielded the arcane token of Tiboro (a magic talisman) to force the Ghost Rider to transform into Johnny Blaze.

(Dr. Strange II#35) — Tiboro was one of the mystic entities petitioned by the Dweller-in-Darkness for a potential alliance. Tiboro flatly dismissed the Dweller.

(Doctor Strange II#54 (fb2)) — Tiboro used the Screaming Idol to contact R. B. Wallace. Wallace served as the conduit to Tiboro, and formed a cult, the Circle of Decay, based on decadence and corruption. The cult developed a loyal following; all the while, Tiboro, through Wallace, was draining off their personalities and egos, making them into mindless servants. One of the cultists, Tim Alpert, rebelled against the complete loss of self and fought his way out of the cult, to escape.

(Doctor Strange II#54 (fb1)) — Alpert contacted Dr. Strange for aid against Wallace. While investigating information on Wallace, Strange recognized the involvement of Tiboro. Strange and his disciple and lover, Clea, confronted Wallace and his Cirlce of Decay, at its meeting place, «The Club.» Strange used the Screaming Idol to access the Sixth Dimension and confront Tiboro directly. Tiboro had grown immensely powerful by absorbing the egos of the cultists, but Strange used a spell to magnify the dreams, hopes, caring, and love of the personalities Tiboro had absorbed. These emotions were anathema to Tiboro, and he cast them out. Weakened by the sudden drop in power, Tiboro was no match for Strange, who apparently turned him to stone.

(Iron Man Legacy#6 (fb) — BTS) — Dr. Strange thwarted Tiboro’s scheme to conquer Earth by saving those Tiboro needed to sacrifice to destroy the dimensional barriers between the Sixth Dimension and Earth.

(Dr. Strange Annual#2/5 — BTS) — Clea, alongside Flyx (actually Dormammu), embarked on a quest to recruit allies to overthrow Umar and Baron Mordo. After petitioning Aggamon unsuccessfully, their next stop was the Sixth Dimension, to try their luck with Tiboro. (I don’t think that was ever shown).

(Doctor Strange III#48) — Tiboro, alongside five other Sorcerers (whom I can’t identify, presumably other Lords of the Netherworlds), accompanied Clea and Flyx to the Dark Dimension to take down Umar and Mordo. They were successful, and Umar conceded defeat and relinquished the throne rather than face the combined power of the sorcerers. However, Flyx then revealed himself as Dormammu, retook his power, and banished Tiboro and the others from the Dark Dimension.

(Vengeance#1) — Tiboro heard his idol scream from across dimensions and awaited his sacrifice.

(Vengeance#5) — Grown to gigantic proportions Tiboro approached Ms. America, the newest arrival in his domain. He was glad he wouldn’t have to rule over emptiness anymore and considered her a sacrifice to him. She survived his attempt to just step on her and fought Tiboro’s monstrous hordes alongside the soul fragments that got trapped in the Sixth Dimension. Fed by all the fighting Tiboro let loose a powerful energy beam, burning everything in his path, including Ms. America. Observed by soul fragments of The Twelth Hour show she led thousands of soul fragments into battle against Tiboro and his hordes once again. Tiboro used a Sixth Dimensional hearthstone to feed upon Ms. America and make her his plaything, but she kept on fighting a seemingly eternal battle. Suddenly Hellstorm and his Satanic Chariot, travelling through dimensions with She-Hulk, entered the Sixth Dimension and joined Ms. America’s battle against Tiboro and his hordes. While She-Hulk and Ms. America fought the creatures on the ground Hellstorm ran his chariot right through Tiboro’s head to end the tyrant’s control over the specimens from his dimension. With his pure essence leaking from his stony skull Tiboro fell to the ground and his gigantic stone form shattered.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

The flashback in Iron Man Legacy#6 occurred shortly after Tony Stark had lost control of Stark International to Obidiah Stane. There is even the cover of Iron Man I#173 (August, 1983) seen as Wall Street Journals’ cover.

I’m not quite old enough to know for sure, but I believe that in the sixties, it was a popular theme to extrapolate on three-dimensional reality and have other realms above the 3rd Dimension. That being said, the Sixth Dimension doesn’t really have any properties associated with a reality that has six dimensions.

Clea’s recruitment of Tiboro could have taken place b/t Doc III Annual#2/5 and Doc III#42, between 42 and 43, or b/t 43 and 48.

If his power is related to decadence, then Tiboro should be getting more powerful each year.

Thanks to Uncle Pyko for helping me pin down an appearance of Tiboro.

I think the Screaming Idol may have been seen a few times in the background in Dr. Strange’s Sanctum. If you can identify any of those appearances, please let me know.

Dr. Strange has erased the memories of most people who have encountered Tiboro.

It is possible that Monster at the Window (Tales to Astonish I#34) came from the same Sixth Dimension as Tiboro. If this was the case, the Monster could’ve been an agent of Tiboro.
—John Kaminski

Young Avengers/Young Masters founder Coat of Arms (Lisa Molinari; see Dark Reign: Young Avengers#1-5) found Tiboro’s coat on Earth and has since then used it. It is unknown if she has any connection to Tiboro himself.
—Markus Raymond

Tiboro has an entry in OHotMU 2006 A-Z#11.

Clarifications: The Sixth Dimension has no known connection to:

  • The Fourth Dimension, associated with Mercurio, @Thor I#208.
  • The Fifth Dimension, home of Xemu and Valeria, @ Strange Tales I#103

The Screaming Idol is a graven image of Tiboro which serves as his connection to the Earth dimension.

(Strange Tales I#129) — After he was banished from Earth, it remained buried in Peru until the modern era. It can form portals between Earth and the Sixth Dimension. It has been used by Tiboro to draw victims to the Sixth Dimension, as well as for him to grant power to and control others in its vicinity. Its exact origins are unknown.

(Fantastic Four III#500) — It was one of the magic items seen laying on the floor after Reed Richards had used magic to rescue the rest of the Fantastic Four from the Haazereth Three mystically empowered Dr. Doom

(Vengeance#1 — BTS) — The Screaming Idol was heard by Tiboro across dimensions.

(Vengeance#5) — Loki later used the Screaming Idol to banish Ms. America to the Sixth Dimension and then put it back in his satchel.

—Strange Tales I#129 (Fantastic Four III#500, Vengeance#1 — BTS, #5

The Sixth Dimension is a mystical realm with an alien environment. The OHotMU Deluxe#14 Appendix to Dimensions lists it has having humanoids as its dominant inhabitant, although to the best of my knowledge, none other than Tiboro himself have ever been seen. It is accessed by magic, and the Screaming Idol can readily open portals to the Sixth Dimension. Everyone that has been prisoner of the Sixth Dimension once leaves behind a portion of their soul, which are tormented by Tiboro and the hordes of the Sixth Dimension.

—Strange Tales I#129 (Strange Tales I#129, Dr. Strange I#178, Dr. Strange II#54, Vengeance#1, 4-6

Tim Alpert turned to mysticisim in hopes of finding something to spark his otherwise empty life. After much searching, he apparently found what he wanted in R. B. Wallace and his Circle of Decay. He learned a good deal of magical experience under Wallace, but turned away from him when he felt his ego draining away. He fought off attacks from the rest of the Circle and contacted Dr. Strange for help. After Strange left to investigate Wallace, Alpert again succumbed to Wallace/Tiboro’s power, mysitically bound Wong, and fled back to «The Club.» He was part of the Circle when they attacked Dr. Strange and Clea, but like them, he was rendered unconscious after Tiboro’s defeat, and the sudden removal of his influence.

—Dr. Strange II#54

The Circle of Decay was a cult formed by R. B. Wallace under the control of Tiboro. It appealed to those without purpose or meaning in their lives, and attracted a large following. The cultists gained varying degrees of mystical power under the training of Wallace, but at the same time, Tiboro was draining their egos and personalities for his own power. The Circle actively combated Strange and Clea when they confronted them, but they were rendered insensate after the sudden withdrawal of Tiboro’s influence. Dr. Strange used his power to cause them to shun the mystical, making them believe that their experiences had been fantasy, but caused them to remember the lesson they had learned in the value of life.

—Dr. Strange II#54

The past of R. B. Wallace is unknown. He was drawn to the power of the Screaming Idol, which brought him under the influence of Tiboro. This led him to form the Circle of Decay and to use it to gather victims, whom Tiboro would drain of their egos. Tiboro granted him significant mystical power, enabling him to directly strike at Dr. Strange, firing bolts of magical force, generating animated magical creatures, or astral projection. He even had a wand of similar power and appearance to Tiboro’s. His mind was presumably similarly affected by Strange, causing him to shun the mystical for the rest of his life.

—Dr. Strange II#54

images: Vengeance#5, p3, pan1 (main image) Strange Tales I#129/2, p1 (head shot) Dr. Strange I#178, p12 (flying) Dr. Strange II#54, p18, pan4 (shooting) Strange Tales I#129/2, p1 (Screaming Idol) Strange Tales I#129/2, p6, pan1 (Sixth Dimension) Dr. Strange II#54, p5, pan5 (Tim Alpert) Dr. Strange II#54, p17, pan3 (Circle of Decay)

Dr. Strange II#54, p11, pan3 (R.B.Wallace)

Appearances: Strange Tales I#129 (February, 1965) — Stan Lee & Don Rico (writers), Steve Ditko (artist), Stan Lee (editor) Strange Tales I#140-141 (January-February, 1966) — Stan Lee (writer/editor), Steve Ditko (artist) Dr. Strange I#177-178 (February-March, 1969) — Roy Thomas (writer), Gene Colan (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Stan Lee (editor) Ghost Rider II#26 (October, 1977) — Jim Shooter (writer), Don Perlin (pencils), Sam Grainger (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor) Dr. Strange II#35 (June, 1979) — Roger Stern & Ralph Macchio (writers), Tom Sutton (pencils), Pablo Marcos (inks), Al Milgrom (editor) Dr. Strange II#54 (August, 1982) — Roger Stern & J.M. DeMatteis (writers), Paul Smith & Brent Anderson (pencils), Terry Austin & Joe Rubinstein (inks), Al Milgrom (editor) Dr. Strange Annual#2 (1992) — Roy Thomas & Jean-Marc Lofficier (writer), Frank Lopez (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor) Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#48 (December, 1992) — Len Kaminski (writer), Geof Isherwood (pencils), Petrecca, Barnett & Hudson (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor) Iron Man Legacy#6 (November, 2020) — Fred Van Lente (writer), Steve Kurth (pencils), Allen Martinez (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor) Vengeance#1 (September, 2020) — Joe Casey (writer), Nick Dragotta (artist), Tom Brennan (editor)

Vengeance#4-6 (December, 2020 — February, 2020) — Joe Casey (writer), Nick Dragotta (artist), Tom Brennan (editor)

Last updated: 01/31/15

Any Additions/Corrections? please let me know .

Halo: The Master Chief Collection — E3 2020 Trailer

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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies | Northwestern SPS — Northwestern School of Professional Studies

Program Overview

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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

The part-time Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program cuts a wide swath through the humanities and so cial sciences, studying the work of some of the world’s most powerful thinkers. As students explore a broad variety of subject matter, they enrich their understanding of social and cultural issues and improve their ability to analyze, write and complete research. MALS graduates strengthen and refine the analytical, critical and communicative skills that are highly transferable to any number of professional contexts. Secondary school teachers gain a competitive edge by deepening their subject area knowledge. For other students, the program can clarify the next stage in career or in life or provide excellent preparation for further graduate study . Northwestern’s MALS is a full member program of the The Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs .

These were special opportunities for me. At SPS you can go as far as your interests take you. ”

Devin Savage (MALS ’09) associate dean for assessment and scholarly services, Illinois Institute of Technology

About the MA in Liberal Studies

Program Goals

MALS graduates benefit from an interdisciplinary program that:

  • Exposes students to Northwestern University’s distinguished and world class instructors.
  • Provides students with countless opportunities to engage with others who are passionate to learn more about vitally important social and cultural issues through history, religion, philosophy, art, literature and film.
  • Prepares students for the intellectual demands of professional life by enriching students’ understanding of a broad array of social and cultural issues while improving their ability to analyze, write and complete research.
  • Sharpens analytical and writing abilities, which can help prepare students for application to PhD programs.


Nine total courses need to be completed. Students need to complete two core courses, six elective courses and a capstone project. The core courses consist of IPLS 410 Introduction to Cultural Analysis and one MALS seminar course (IPLS 401). Students may take electives in subject areas such as philosophy, religion, history, art history and literature.

Students sign up for the final course in the program during the term in which they start their master’s thesis. The capstone project for the MALit program is an essay of 45 to 75 double-spaced pages written under the supervision of an approved faculty member. The project presents an opportunity to research and explore a topic thoroughly. Students often elect to expand a seminar paper from a previous course. With the approval of the program director, students may create an interdisciplinary final project rather than a traditional thesis.

Current students should refer to Liberal Studies Curriculum requirements in place at time of entry into the program.


Explore Liberal Studies Courses . You can narrow your course search by day, location or instructor.

MA in Liberal Studies Specializations

Students who wish to lend more structure to their experience can elect to complete a MA in Liberal Studies Specialization. A specialization may be especially beneficial to educators, students who are thinking of going on to a PhD program, or anyone who wants to focus their literary study more precisely. Students complete four thematically linked courses for a specialization. Choose from the five subjects below.

  • American Studies
  • Chicago Studies
  • Digital Studies
  • History
  • Religious and Ethical Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Studies


The Master’s in Liberal Studies faculty is comprised of dynamic and distinguished educators. Get to know the instructors on our Liberal Studies Faculty page.

Admission Information

A variety of factors are considered when your application is reviewed. Background and experience vary from student to student. For a complete list of requirements, see the Admission page for SPS graduate programs.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for the Master’s in Liberal Studies program at Northwestern is comparable to similar US programs. Financial aid opportunities exist for students at Northwestern. Complete details can be found on the Liberal Studies Tuition and Financial Aid pages.

Registration Information

Already accepted into the Master’s in Liberal Studies program? Get ahead and register for your classes as soon as possible to ensure maximum efficiency in your trajectory.

Liberal Studies Special Events

The Liberal Studies and Literature lecture series connects MALS and MALit students with Northwestern faculty presenting work from a range of engaging and thought-provoking topics. Visit the SPS events calendar to check for upcoming events. See the Liberal Studies Special Events page for summaries and video recordings of past events.

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