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Emergency communication

This service lets you create emergency communication script for your vechicle. It is a mobile web application you can use in emergency case for fast sending your details (problems) to an appropriate service.

Fill the form below and get your personal script. You can download this script right to your mobile phone: just type the short URL provided for you or scan QR-code.

You can also ask CliCode to print and deliver for you QR-code stickers. So you will be able to scan the code and load the script right in the car

Note, that service does not keep your personal data after filling the form. Your data are in your personal script only.

Fuel and energy industry

The fuel and energy industry in the Pskov region includes 17 enterprises.

The largest company is «Pskovenergo», a subsidiary of JSC «IDGC of the North-West». The main types of business activity of «Pskovenergo» include services on transfer of electric energy and technological connection to electric networks of the Pskov region. «Pskovenergo» operates power facilities of 110 kV, 35 kV, 6-10 kV and 0,4 kV voltage classes. There are air and cable power lines 45 390 km long, 170 substations of 110-35 kV on the balance of the energy company.

This site was created with the support of Administration of Pskov region

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State Committee on economic development
and investment policy of the Pskov Region

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